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Aston Martin DB 4,5&6 case study example

This example is based on very successful methods carried out by Paul during employment with Aston Martin Works and other independent specialists. The aim is to produce the highest quality job available today


To compile a restoration schedule we must first see exactly what is required. The car will be thoroughly checked over to assess the condition of all components. Paul can then guide you through a journey of extreme excitement and satisfaction.

Strip down and Inventory of parts

The car will be stripped completely, each part will be cleaned, checked meticulously, catalogued and stored safely ready for their next stage of the process. The chassis and body will go to the bodyshop where the aluminium panels are carefully removed to expose the steel chassis. The panels are dipped to remove all traces of paint and filler while the chassis is media blasted to remove all traces of underseal. This shows us the true condition and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Chassis and Body

After being stripped of their coatings all repairs are carried out by carefully chosen partners using the original techniques as used in the Newport Pagnell factory. Some of these master craftsmen actually trained at Aston Martin and spent a lot of their career there.

Once repaired the chassis is powder coated which is extremely durable and weather resistant. To re create the original surface finish it is then sprayed in a stonechip protective coating.

Drivetrain, Suspension and Brakes

While the chassis and body are being restored all suspension components are media blasted and powder coated for durability.

The engine, transmission, steering rack and rear axle are rebuilt, again by carefully chosen professionals.

The brake servos, and callipers are sent to our brake specialist to be assessed and rebuilt including coatings to match the original gold passivate finish.


This is one of Pauls favourite processes and very possibly the most important aswell. It's where he gets to stamp his mark of quality ensuring the car stands out from all the rest. 

This is where the newly coated and re bushed suspension is final fitted to the restored chassis and body which has not been painted yet.

In order to make everything as perfect as humanly possible Paul prefits all external body fixtures, window channels and brightwork. Everything is adjusted or fine fettled until it fits just right.

When he is finally happy with it Paul will strip those parts off again and send the rolling body to the paintshop.


The paint simply has to be perfect, so the car is taken to another very specifically chosen master of his trade where it is prepped, primed, painted to whatever colour you desire and then polished to perfection. 

We can even arrange a ceramic coating to protect the lustre.


We can finally send the brightwork to the re chromers while the body is being painted. It will come back ready to fit to the car and look magnificent.

Final assembly

Another favourite process of Paul's is the finishing. A brand new wiring harness is fitted and perfectly matches the original. At this point we do a negative earth conversion for safety reasons. 

All restored parts are meticulously refitted to the car being sure to use fittings that match the originals. These are also available in stainless steel for added longevity.

The interior is retrimmed by another specially selected partner.

The engine and transmission are refitted, the brightwork is refitted and gradually we get to the point we can road test the car.

Only when we are 100% happy with it we will sign it off ready for you to take delivery.

Please contact us to discuss your project requirements.

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