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Paul Wiginton Classic Vehicles

Restoration | Preservation | Repair



We are a brand new family run company born out of passion for classic cars, which opened in Milton Keynes during summer 2018.

Paul Wiginton has spent a lifetime acquiring his intimate knowledge of classic Aston Martin and classic Mini, working hard to perfect the skills required to maintain and restore them to the highest of standards.

Being the last Aston Martin trained apprentice panel beater, fabricator and restoration technician Paul spent a total of 18 years with the marque. Some of this time was spent in the engineering department fabricating parts for prototype models such as Vanquish and actually skinned the first pair of doors for the supercar.

He has also worked for some of the leading independent Aston dealers during his 28 year career where he was able to hone his skills further to become one of the most skilful and knowledgeable restorers in the world, able to carry out all aspects of restoration at the highest level. Many of Paul's works of art have won multiple concours awards and some notable restorations of his are the DBS from TV series 'The Persuaders' and the V8 on skis from the James Bond movie 'Living Daylights'.

Paul has also created a highly regarded reputation within the world of classic Mini where he is very well known for his own 1960 MiniSprint. He has been working on Minis as a hobby since before embarking on his career.

While Aston Martin and Mini are the specialities here, we can cater to any model of classic car. Paul, together with his wife Vicky aim to bring you an experience that you can cherish.

Please check back regularly to see updates and new services that we include as we grow.


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