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Our own MiniSprint has been seen around the shows and the quarter mile tracks since early in 2000, collecting many awards for both concours and speed.

Widely regarded as the most popular Mini conversion, we offer 3 options;

-Modified bare bodyshell

-Modified bodyshell painted

-Full car built to your specification

What does it cost?

This is usually the first question asked when considering a conversion and it may be less than you think. To modify your bodyshell and fit new front panel, wings, A panels and doorskins, modify your pedal box, supply glass and modify your quarterlight frames costs from £8,000 with no VAT to pay.

Does it have to be a Mk1?

MiniSprints are traditionally a 60s period conversion so were based on Mk1's but any model of Mini can be modified. I have previously carried out the conversion on a Mk5.

Does the donor bodyshell have to be perfect?

No, the conversion includes new panels as listed above and any corrosion can be dealt with during the process. Ofcourse this will be at additional cost and to be agreed with yourself upon evaluation of your shell

Can the vertical seams be left on?

Traditionally the seams were removed as the whole point of MiniSprint was to be more aerodynamic and the vertical seams represent 40 square inches of frontal area but they can be left on if that is the look you require. My conversions keep the roof gutter anyway

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