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The MiniSprint conversion involves removing height from the body and the roof known in the Hot Rodding world as "Chop and Channel". Typically our conversions take 1.5" from the body and 2" from the roof height giving a more aggressive look and superior aerodynamics, adding to this, the pillars are deseamed and re profiled by around 10 degrees. 

Ofcourse then, the doors, bonnet and bootlid all need to be modified to fit the now smaller apertures

A MiniSprint conversion can be carried out on any age of Classic Mini, traditionally they are based on a Mk1 but as can be seen to the left, Paul has crafted one from a late model Cooper.

We can offer a modified body, either painted or not, or can completely build a 'drive out car' for you.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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