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Wiginton Sprint Frequently Asked Questions

MiniSprint was pioneered to enhance aerodynamics, creating less drag and less weight for racing by reducing the overall height of the bodyshell; it was very successful. Accidentally this gave a more elegant profile to the Mini which is now sought after the world over. A Wiginton Sprint conversion reduces the body by 1.5" and the roof by a further 2" creating what we believe to be perfect proportions.

What does it cost?

This is usually the first question asked by anyone considering a conversion and it may be less than expected.

The basic package, modifying the bodyshell starts at only £6,500 with no VAT to pay.

This includes all body modifications - modify the shell itself, doors, bootlid, bonnet and pedalbox.

Also included in this price are new doorskins, front panel, front wings, A panels and rear valance.

The pedalbox has a small modification as the bottom dash rail is lowered.

What about glass?

Once the roof height has been reduced the original glass will no longer fit.

The front and rear screens need to be cut from new laminated front screens. This is a relatively simple process which can be carried out by most screen fitting companies but we can arrange this for you.

The side glass needs to be cut from flat and drilled in the case of Mk1&2 models, then toughened, a very simple process carried by any glazing company but again, we can arrange this for you.

Modify opening rear quarter light surrounds £150

Side glass (6 pieces as per mk1) £175 

Front and rear screen prices are to be confirmed.

Does it have to be a Mk1?

The first MiniSprint conversions were on Mk1 Minis, therefore it has become known as a "period" or 60's conversion but it can be applied to any age of Mini. 

The only real difference between internal and external hinged models as far as the conversion is concerned are the A panels/posts and door frames Everything else is very similar. Paul has carried out a conversion on a Mk4 before.

How long does it take?

The conversion typically takes around 6 weeks for the basic package

Does the donor bodyshell have to be perfect?

Any rust repairs or restoration work can be carried out alongside the MiniSprint conversion, so, no it doesn't necessarily have to be perfect. All bodyshells will have to be assessed upon arrival at our Studio and estimated repair costs calculated.

Because the bodywork modifications are extensive some repairs can be integrated into the process. For example, if the doors are in poor condition the skins will be replaced anyway so you may only need to pay extra for repairs to the frames, A panels are also replaced as part of the conversion so there may be no extra cost there either.

Does the donor bodyshell have to be fully stripped out?

You can deliver the shell fully stripped out or you can drive it in for us to strip. The bare essentials that must be removed are interior, wiring through the roof and under the bonnet aswell as glass. We can carry out the conversion on a rolling shell if required.

How much head room is there?

Surprisingly the head room is not compromised as much as some may think. We have a client of 6' tall who comfortably gets in and drives his MiniSprint, also a long term friend of the family in excess of 6' tall who has comfortably driven and been a passenger in Paul's own MiniSprint on many occasions.

Is the headlight beam still within legal parameters?

This was a big concern of Paul's when building his own car so the legislation was researched to ensure it is still legal and will pass the MOT test.


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